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Why list my property on
Many overseas properties currently on the market are priced at the owner’s value plus a substantial commission that their agent adds to this price. This makes properties overpriced and they can sit on the market for many months as buyers realise that their price is inflated. Agents generally take between 5% and 15% of the selling price of a property as commission. You can advertise your property on and reduce the price accordingly (as there is no commission to be paid) to achieve a quick sale, whilst the buyer obtains his property directly from you and saves money in the process.


How much does it cost?
For a three month listing the price is £99.00. This is automatically extended as long as necessary for a further £99.00 for additional three month periods. This allows you to list your property on the website for as long as you need until it is sold, providing you have a current subscription. Automatic Futurepay Payments are made online by World Pay and this agreement can be cancelled at any time. (A refund may be available at the discretion of the Company Management). For clients who email or post their property details to us, we will ring them every three months for their subscription payment.


How quickly does my property appear on the website?
Once details have been received from you and your payment has been processed, your property will appear on the website. Your listing will usually appear on Zoopla and Primelocation within 24 hours and will continue for the duration of your subscription. You will be informed when all websites are live with your adverts.


Will my property sell?
We don't make any guarantees that someone will buy your property. However, your property will be priced well under similar properties that agents are listing on their sites. Buyers are nowadays very price aware and your property will immediately attract attention from discerning buyers. To attract these buyers to our site, we constantly advertise in the National Press aiming the advert at the obvious benefits of buying without agents fees. Keeping the price as attractive as possible will really help, of course! Having good photos of the property will also help.


Can I list my property with an agent too?
Of course. We want to help you sell your property. We are happy for you to advertise your property on as many websites and with as many agents as you wish!


What do I do to remove my listing?
Once you have agreed your sale and you are happy with all the terms, you can then contact us by e-mail and your listing will be removed.


What do I do now?